Adam Knight


adam-knight-we-say-yeahAdam’s parent’s ran a successful professional function/show band for 35 years, playing venues all over the country, including night clubs in Liverpool and London’s West End!  Adam’s always had a love for 60′s music, he often recalls as a child watching his Father writing and working out arrangements for some of these classic tunes and developed a real interest for the period.

Adam’s first taste of music was at school where he learned the piano, he then took this skill to the keyboards and began working with a guitarist as a duo at the ripe old age of 17. This developed into a four piece band with the addition of drums and rhythm guitar, they travelled all over England and Wales playing a wide range of venues and festivals. It was at this time that Adam met Lee and they worked together many times. During this time Adam also learnt to play bass and then progressed to his love, the guitar.

After 10 years on the road with the band, Adam decided to pursue a solo career in the music industry, covering a wide range of venues. In the last few years Adam has gone from strength to strength winning a contract to provide on board entertainment for Brittany Ferries and Stenna Line with his Duo.

Adam’s guitar of choice since learning to play has been the Fender Stratocaster, this love for the guitar prompted him to follow and aspire to many great guitarists including Eric Clapton and one of the greatest instrumental guitarists of all time, Hank Marvin. This has led him to discover a raft of this icons great music. Adams passion for the Shadows is never ending.